Elfrieda H. Hiebert

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Reading fluency has been identified as a key component in effective literacy instruction (National Reading Panel, 2000). Instruction in reading fluency has been shown to lead to improvements in reading achievement. Reading fluency instruction is most commonly associated with guided repeated oral reading instruction. In the present retrospective study we(More)
The speech which parents and peers direct to toddlers was examined for differences as a function of sex of parent, parent/peer status, sex of child, and age of child. Mothers, fathers, and peers of 18 parent dyads were individually audio- and videotaped in a natural play setting with their children (nine boys and nine girls) when the children were 2 years(More)
The vocabulary found in a given text often contributes to the complexity of that text. The vocabularies of stories and of informational texts can be quite different—differences that can influence students’ ability to comprehend and remember texts. One misconception is that the vocabulary of informational texts is considerably harder than the vocabulary of(More)
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