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Drawing upon a series of studies that examines the information world of poor people, the author discovers four critical concepts that serve as the basis for defining an impoverished life-world. These concepts are risk-taking, secrecy , deception, and situational relevance. Moving back and forth among the worlds of janitors, single mothers, and an aging(More)
This study addresses ways in which inmates at the only maximum-security prison for women in Neuse City (in the northeastern United States) redefine their social world in order to survive incarceration. An aim of the project is to engage in theory building in order to examine the experiences of a world that is " lived in the round. " A life in the round is a(More)
ABSTR4CT THISARTICLE: .-DRESSES WAYS i s WHICH information professionals might reexamine the world of information from small world perspectives. Information behavior in small world lives has been little touched on in the literature. However, issues raised in this discussion should lead to further considerations regarding this phenomenon. The approach to(More)
This keynote address focuses on the role that an insider/outsider approach to information has on the role that libraries play in the daily lives of marginalized peoples. Grounded in this discussion is the effect that change has on the information environments of libraries and consequently on the people they wish to serve. As developed in this paper change(More)
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