Elfatih M. Abdel-Rahman

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A voltage regulator is developed to extend the operation range of a electrostatic actuator using a displacement feedback. The feedback actuator system can be used for continuous position tracking of step, ramp, or harmonic voltage signals. The electrostatic actuator is composed of a micro-cantilever beam electrode above a fixed electrode. The voltage(More)
The closed-loop dynamics of a chaotic electrostatic microbeam actuator are presented. The actuator was found to be an asymmetric two-well potential system with two distinct chaotic attractors: one of which occurs predominantly in the lower well and a second that visits a lower-well orbit and a two-well orbit. Bifurcation diagrams obtained by sweeping the ac(More)
Voltage-driven parallel-plate electrostatic actuators suffer from an operation range limit of 30% of the electrostatic gap; this has restrained their application in microelectromechanical systems. In this paper, the travel range of an electrostatic actuator made of a micro-cantilever beam above a fixed electrode is extended quasi-statically to 90% of the(More)
Knowledge of the floral cycle and the spatial distribution and abundance of flowering plants is important for bee health studies to understand the relationship between landscape and bee hive productivity and honey flow. The key objective of this study was to show how AISA Eagle hyperspectral data and random forest (RF) can be optimally utilized to produce(More)
Leaf area index (LAI) is an important biophysical trait for forest ecosystem and ecological modeling, as it plays a key role for the forest productivity and structural characteristics. The ground-based methods like the handheld optical instruments for predicting LAI are subjective, pricy and time-consuming. The advent of very high spatial resolutions(More)
—A model for a chaotic micro-oscillator is developed by adding a new control system to an electrostatic actuator consisting of two electrodes: the substrate and a cantilever beam on top. The electrostatic actuator itself has a single stable equilibrium over a range of voltage, whereas adding the controller, which has a quadratic function, creates a voltage(More)