Eleonora Vanzi

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PURPOSE The aim of the present study was to evaluate the reciprocal relationships between motor impairment, dopaminergic dysfunction, and cerebral metabolism (rCMRglc) in de novo Parkinson's disease (PD) patients. METHODS Twenty-six de novo untreated PD patients were scanned with (123)I-FP-CIT SPECT and (18)F-FDG PET. The dopaminergic impairment was(More)
Damage to nonmotor dopamine (DA)-mediated frontostriatal circuits has been proposed as the main pathophysiological basis of cognitive dysfunction in Parkinson's disease (PD). In the present study, 18 early nondemented drug naive PD patients were investigated, by dual-tracer N-ω-fluoropropyl-2β-carbomethoxy-3β-4-[123I]iodophenyl-nortropane ([123I]FP-CIT)(More)
PURPOSE The clinical potential of striatal imaging with dopamine transporter (DAT) SPECT tracers is hampered by the limited capability to recover activity concentration ratios due to partial volume effects (PVE). We evaluated the accuracy of a least squares method that allows retrieval of activity in regions of interest directly from projections (LS-ROI).(More)
PURPOSE To compare the performance of artificial neural networks (ANNs) with that of multiple logistic regression (MLR) models for predicting ovarian malignancy in patients with adnexal masses by using transvaginal B-mode and color Doppler flow ultrasonography (US). MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 226 adnexal masses were examined before surgery:(More)
We present here a direct least-squares estimation (DLSE) method for the determination of renal kinetic parameters from sequences of very fast acquisitions performed with a three-headed single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) system. A simple linear model for the behavior of the radiopharmaceutical, as well as a spatial model for its spatial(More)
AIM Previous positron emission tomography (PET) [18F]fluorodeoxyglucose ([18F]FDG) studies in Parkinson's disease (PD) demonstrated that moderate to late stage patients display widespread cortical hypometabolism, whereas early stage PD patients exhibit little or no cortical changes. However, recent studies suggested that conventional data normalization(More)
UNLABELLED BACKGROUND : Stereotactic irradiation is widely used in brain oligo-metastases treatment. The aim of this study is to evaluate the prognostic value of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) texture analysis (TA) of brain metastases (BM) of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). MATERIALS AND METHODS : This study included thirty-eight consecutive patients(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to evaluate the accuracy of different single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) reconstruction techniques in measuring striatal N-omega-fluoropropyl-2beta-carbomethoxy-3beta-4-[(123)I]iodophenyl-nortropane ((123)I-FP-CIT) binding in de novo Parkinson's disease (PD) patients, in order to find a correlation with(More)
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