Eleonora Iotti

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This paper presents and discusses a first complete example of the use of JADEL. JADEL is a novel agent-oriented domain-specific programming language built on top of JADE, the well-known agent platform which provides solid agent technology and several tools for the creation of agents and multi-agent systems. The purpose of JADEL is to make the development of(More)
This paper presents the support for interaction protocols that has been recently added to the JADEL programming language. JADEL is an agent-oriented programming language designed to ease the development of JADE agents and multi-agent systems by offering general-purpose agent-oriented abstractions to the programmer. The first part of the paper presents JADEL(More)
This paper outlines a first proposal of a formal semantics for the JADEL programming language. JADEL is an agent-oriented programming language based on JADE that has been recently proposed to ease the adoption of JADE, and to promote its use. In previous works, JADEL was specified at the syntax level, and only an informal semantics was given. The major(More)
In recent years, Sentiment Analysis has become one of the most interesting topics in AI research due to its promising commercial benefits. An important step in a Sentiment Analysis system for text mining is the preprocessing phase, but it is often underestimated and not extensively covered in literature. In this work, our aim is to highlight the importance(More)
This paper proposes a formalization of JADE agents and multi-agent systems based on transition systems. The first section introduces the aims and scope of the research and it focuses the content of the paper. The second section enumerates the abstractions and the structures used in the formalization. Successively, third section presents the formal semantics(More)
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