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PURPOSE To describe the optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA) features of diabetic retinopathy. METHODS Literature review and case series. RESULTS Four cases are presented. CONCLUSION OCTA is an effective method for evaluating retinal changes in diabetic retinopathy and represents a novel complement or alternative to fluorescein angiography.(More)
PURPOSE In geographic atrophy (GA), choroidal vessels typically appear on structural optical coherence tomography (OCT) as hyperreflective round areas with highly reflective borders. We observed that some GA eyes show choroidal round hyporeflectivities with highly reflective borders beneath the atrophy, and futher investigated the charcteristcs by comparing(More)
PURPOSE To describe the case of a woman who developed persistent subretinal fluid in the macular region after the placement of encircling band for retinal detachment surgery, possibly due to vortex vein compression. METHODS Case report. RESULTS A 66-year-old woman diagnosed with central serous retinopathy presented with poor vision and metamorphopsia in(More)
Age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the most important cause of vision loss in elderly people, is a degenerative disorder of the central retina with a multifactorial etiopathology. AMD is classified in dry AMD (d-AMD) or neovascular AMD depending on the presence of choroidal neovascularization. Currently, no therapy is approved for geographic atrophy,(More)
Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a multifactorial disease and a leading cause of vision impairment in elderly people in Western society. Geographic atrophy (GA), the late stage of dry AMD, is typically defined as a round or oval area of atrophy of 175 µm or more. In GA patients, visual acuity (VA) can still be good if the macula is spared, but(More)
We present 12 CO(1-0) and 12 CO(2-1) observations of a sample of 20 star-forming dwarfs selected from the Herschel Virgo Cluster Survey, with oxygen abundances ranging from 12 + log(O/H) ∼8.1 to 8.8. CO emission is observed in ten galaxies and marginally detected in another one. CO fluxes correlate with the FIR 250 µm emission, and the dwarfs follow the(More)
Aims. Combining the relative vicinity of the Local Group spiral galaxy M 33 with the Spitzer images, we investigate the properties of infrared (IR) emission sites and assess the reliability of the IR emission as a star formation tracer. Methods. The mid-and far-IR emission of M 33 was obtained from IRAC and MIPS images from the Spitzer archive. We compared(More)
To analyze retinal vascular plexuses and choriocapillaris by optical coherence tomography angiography (OCT-A) and retinal nerve fiber layer and ganglion cell layer (GCL) by structural optical coherence tomography (OCT) in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) without diabetic retinopathy (DR). A total of 25 eyes of 25 consecutive T1DM patients(More)
PURPOSE To report the case of a 61-year-old woman with pancreas divisum and an asymptomatic chorioretinal coloboma in its 2 forms: complete and partial. METHODS Case report. RESULTS Dilated fundus examination and photograph revealed a complete and partial coloboma in the right eye. Swept-source optical coherence tomography and swept-source optical(More)