Eleonora Ciarlo

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Recent studies indicated that sortilin-related receptor 1 (SORL1) is a risk gene for late-onset Alzheimer's disease (AD), although its role in the aetiology and/or progression of this disorder is not fully understood. Here, we report the finding of a non-coding (nc) RNA (hereafter referred to as 51A) that maps in antisense configuration to intron 1 of the(More)
Neuroblastoma Differentiation Marker 29 (NDM29) is a RNA polymerase (pol) III-transcribed non-coding (nc) RNA whose synthesis drives neuroblastoma (NB) cell differentiation to a nonmalignant neuron-like phenotype. Since in this process a complex pattern of molecular changes is associated to plasma membrane protein repertoire we hypothesized that the(More)
In alphabetical order, these two authors contributed equally to this work Short title: SORL1 mRNA splicing and Aβ production. performed the fluorescence microscopy analysis. Claudio Russo performed the analysis of APP C-terminal fragments. Tullio Florio, Giogio Dieci and Ranieri Cancedda participated to the interpretation of results and critically read the(More)
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