Eleonora Brillo

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Progesterone is an essential hormone in the process of reproduction. It is involved in the menstrual cycle, implantation and is essential for pregnancy maintenance. It has been proposed and extensively used in the treatment of different gynecological pathologies as well as in assisted reproductive technologies and in the maintenance of pregnancy. Called(More)
OBJECTIVE This trial was undertaken to evaluate the effects of high-cocoa-content chocolate supplementation in pregnancy on several haematochemical and clinical parameters. The study had as reference population the pregnant women requesting an obstetric control at Outpatient Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the S. Maria della Misericordia University(More)
Anemia is the most frequent derailment of physiology in the world throughout the life of a woman. It is a serious condition in countries that are industrialized and in countries with poor resources. The main purpose of this manuscript is to give the right concern of anemia in pregnancy. The most common causes of anemia are poor nutrition, iron deficiencies,(More)
Chocolate and other cocoa products are not all alike. They differ between themselves in term of nutrients, calories, and bioactive constituents. Therefore, some of them are unhealthy foods, whereas others do not affect health and still others are healthy foods. One wonders which chocolate and other cocoa derivatives can be considered as biofunctional food(More)
OBJECTIVE The clinic use of alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is linked to its capability to exert antioxidant effects and, more interestingly, to counteract the pathologic changes of complex networks of cytokines, chemokines and growth factors, restoring their physiological state. The aim of this randomized controlled clinical trial was to test the contribution of(More)
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