Elenore Long

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This workshop will examine everyday food science practices such as fermenting, brewing, or pickling edible materials, as well as foraging, bartering, or dumpster diving for food. We hope to gather a diverse group of HCI researchers, food practitioners, artists, and scientists to engage with these practices as deliberate alternatives to top-down production(More)
Focusing on food as a platform for everyday science, this paper details our fieldwork with practitioners who routinely experiment with preserving, fermenting, brewing, pickling, foraging for, and healing with food. We engage with these at-home science initiatives as community-driven efforts to construct knowledge and envision alternatives to top-down modes(More)
How might technical communicators assist students training to become public administrators to develop the capacity to listen to those with firsthand knowledge of the policies they put in place or oversee to serve adult refugees? Serious games such as those that Games for Change hosts on Facebook offer one ready scheme, presenting players with realistic(More)
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