Elenor Freundl

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The radial movement of cis-abscisic acid (ABA) has been investigated in young excised roots of Zea mays L. and Helianthus annuus L. which were grown hydroponically. In addition to the symplastic path, ABA was largely translocated across the root apoplast by solvent drag with the water in the transpiration stream. On the apoplastic path ABA may even cross(More)
The exodermal layers that are formed in maize roots during aeroponic culture were investigated with respect to the radial transport of cis-abscisic acid (ABA). The decrease in root hydraulic conductivity (Lpr) of aeroponically grown roots was stimulated 1.5-fold by ABA (500 nM), reaching Lpr values of roots lacking an exodermis. Similar to water, the radial(More)
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