Eleni Tsalapati

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Conjunctive query (CQ) answering is a key reasoning service for ontology-based data access. One of the most prominent approaches to conjunctive query answering is query rewriting where a wide variety of systems has been proposed the last years. All of them accept as input a fixed CQ q and ontology O and produce a rewriting for q,O. However, in many real(More)
We describe a methodology that approximates the safety condition in the integration of ontologies. Intuitively, the safety condition ensures that, after the reuse, the external ontology remains intact. It was recently proved that it is a problem of high complexity to examine whether this condition holds. In order to approximate the problem, we suggest a(More)
During the last few years digital evolution of the Cultural Heritage field has accelerated rapidly, not least through the aggregation of cultural content into Europeana. In this process the LIDO harvesting schema has been successfully used in many EU projects (ATHENA , JUDAICA and others) due to its ability to support the full range of descriptive(More)
Inconsistent-tolerant semantics, like the IAR and ICAR semantics, have been proposed as means to compute meaningful query answers over inconsistent Description Logic (DL) ontologies. In the current paper we present a framework for scalable query answering under both the IAR and ICAR semantics, which is based on highly efficient data saturation systems. Our(More)
Ongoing activities for the digitisation, cataloguing and preservation of cultural heritage are taking place in Europe and the rest of the world. They involve a variety of content holding institutions, following the established practices of museums, libraries and archives. In parallel, aggregation and indexing initiatives, such as Europeana, illustrate the(More)
In this paper we propose a core, lightweight ontology around the axis of a serious game for adolescents. The Player-Specific Conflict Handling Ontology (PSCHO) that we propose provides a formal representation of the conflict in the domain of serious games. In particular, it maps visually manifested affective cues and emotional stimuli from the serious game(More)
One of the most prominent reasoning techniques for query answering is query rewriting. The last years a wide variety of query rewriting systems has been proposed. All of them accept as input a CQ Q and a fixed ontology O and produce a rewriting for Q, O. However, in many real world applications ontologies are very often dynamic—that is, new axioms can be(More)
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