Eleni Triantafillou

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A measles outbreak (126 reported cases to date) has been ongoing in Greece, since January 2010, originally related to the recent outbreak in Bulgaria. Cases are mostly unvaccinated, and mainly belong to three groups: Roma population of Bulgarian nationality, Greek Roma population, and Greek non-minority population. In these population groups, 67%, 95%, and(More)
Three trials were conducted to evaluate the effect of supplementation of a basal diet with benzoic acid or thymol or a mixture of essential oil blends (MEO) or a combination of benzoic acid with MEO (BMEO) on growth performance of turkey poults. Control groups were fed a basal diet. In trial 1, benzoic acid was supplied at levels of 300 and 1,000 mg/kg. In(More)
Temporally extended goals are critical to the specification of a diversity of real-world planning problems. Here we examine the problem of planning with temporally extended goals over both finite and infinite traces where actions can be non-deterministic, and where temporally extended goals are specified in linear temporal logic (LTL). Unlike existing LTL(More)
In this work, we evaluate different sentence encoders with emphasis on examining their embedding spaces. Specifically , we hypothesize that a " high-quality " embedding aids in generalization, promoting transfer learning as well as zero-shot and one-shot learning. To investigate this, we modify Skipthought vectors to learn a more generalizable space by(More)
Greece is the only European Union member state that in 2008 included hepatitis A (HAV) vaccine in the routine national childhood immunization program (NCIP). Given that the resources allocated to public health have dramatically decreased since 2008 and that Greece is a low endemicity country for the disease, the benefit from universal vaccination has been(More)
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