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The efficient and effective monitoring of mobile networks is vital given the number of users who rely on such networks and the importance of those networks. The purpose of this paper is to present a monitoring scheme for mobile networks based on the use of rules and decision tree data mining classifiers to upgrade fault detection and handling. The goal is(More)
Mobile networks are under more pressure than ever before because of the increasing number of smartphone users and the number of people relying on mobile data networks. With larger numbers of users, the issue of service quality has become more important for network operators. Identifying faults in mobile networks that reduce the quality of service must be(More)
The use of mobile phones has exploded over the past years, abundantly through the introduction of smartphones and the rapidly expanding use of mobile data. This has resulted in a spiraling problem of ensuring quality of service for users of mobile networks. Hence, mobile carriers and service providers need to determine how to prioritise expansion decisions(More)
The telecommunications industry is highly competitive, which means that the mobile providers need a business intelligence model that can be used to achieve an optimal level of churners, as well as a minimal level of cost in marketing activities. Machine learning applications can be used to provide guidance on marketing strategies. Furthermore, data mining(More)
We review a phenomenological parametrization of an open quantum-mechanical formalism for CPT violation in the neutral kaon system, and constrain the parameters using fits to recent CPLEAR data. Invited Contributions at the 2nd Daφne Workshop, DAφNE ’95, Frascati (Italy), April 4-8 1995 ∗ For the Collaboration: John Ellis , Jorge L. Lopez , N. E. Mavromatos,(More)
  • R Adler, T Alhalel, +118 authors D Zimmermanc
  • 2003
The CP violation parameter v+is determined through the eigentime-dependent asymmetry in the rates of initially tagged K” and p decaying to ~T+T-. The obtained values are (v+_ 1 = (2.3 12 f 0.043,,,, f 0.030,,,,. f 0.011 TS) x IO-” and 4+= 42.7” f 0.9& f 0.6& f 0.9’&, with Am = (527.4 k 2.9) x IO’hs-’ measured in the same experiment using the semileptonic(More)
R. Adler a, T. Alhalel b A. Angelopoulos c, A. Apostolakis c, E. Aslanides d,b G. Backenstoss a, C.P. Bee d,e, j. Bennet e, J.K. Bienlein f, P. Bloch d, Ch. Bula g, G. Burgun h, p. Carlson i, J. Carvalho J, E. Cawley e, S. Charalambous k, M. Chardalas k, G. Chardin h, H. Cobbaert J, S. Dedoussis k, M. Dejardin h, j. Derre h, M. Dodgson e, J.C. Dousse ~, J.(More)
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