Eleni Mandrali

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W W e e i i g g h h t t e e d d t t r r e e e e a a u ut t o o m ma a t t a a w w i i t t h h d ABSTRACT We consider weighted top-down tree automata and weighted bottom-up tree automata with discounting over commutative semirings, and we show that the two models accept the same class of formal tree series. For this class of tree series we establish a Kleene(More)
We introduce a linear temporal logic and a first-order logic in the weighted setup of the max-plus semiring with discounting parameters in $$[0,1)$$ [ 0 , 1 ) . Furthermore, we define $$\omega \hbox {-}d$$ ω - d -star-free series and counter-free weighted Büchi automata. We show that the classes of series definable in fragments of the weighted linear(More)
In 1977, Pnueli introduced Linear Temporal Logic (LTL for short) as a propo-sitional logic with two future temporal connectives "next" and "until", and suggested it as a suitable tool for reasoning about the executions of programs. This opened the road for the application of temporal logic in program correctness, since after that LTL has been used to a(More)
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