Eleni Liapi

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BACKGROUND In the fight against cancer, new drug delivery systems are attractive to improve drug targeting of tumors, maximize drug potency, and minimize systemic toxicity. We studied a new drug delivery system comprising microspheres, with unique properties allowing delivery of large amounts of drugs to tumors for a prolonged time, thereby decreasing(More)
The purpose of this article is to present in a concise manner an overview of the most widely used locoregional transcatheter and ablative therapies for solid malignancies. An extensive MEDLINE search was performed for this review. Therapies used for liver cancer were emphasized because these therapies are used most commonly in the liver. Applications in(More)
Therapeutic embolization is defined as the voluntary occlusion of one or several vessels, and this is achieved by inserting material into the lumen to obtain transient or permanent thrombosis in the downstream vascular bed. There are a number of indications for this approach in urological practice, in particular for the patients with parenchymatous or(More)
C-arm based tomographic 3D imaging is applied in an increasing number of minimal invasive procedures. Due to the limited acquisition speed for a complete projection data set required for tomographic reconstruction, breathing motion is a potential source of artifacts. This is the case for patients who cannot comply breathing commands (e.g. due to(More)
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