Eleni Constantinou

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A chemical kinetic mechanism for the atmospheric chemistry of chromium has been developed. The chemistry of chromium is of particular interest because its oxidation state is believed to affect its toxicity. Chromium can be reduced from the hexavalent form to the trivalent form by several chemicals including trivalent arsenic, divalent iron, vanadium, and(More)
Over the past years, software development practices include open source code reuse. Since documentation gives little or no information about the system architecture, a prohibitive amount of effort is required to comprehend the source code and the overall system architecture. In this paper, we investigate how design metrics can reveal architectural(More)
The evolution dynamics of a software ecosystem depend on the activity of the developer community contributing to projects within it. Both social and technical changes affect an ecosystem's evolution and the research community has been investigating the impact of these modifications over the last few years. Existing studies mainly focus on temporary(More)
Software reuse has been established as a development practice due to several benefits like development cost reduction. However, successful reuse depends on several factors, including high level attributes of the reused software. Architectural stability is an important factor for software reuse, either during the reusable asset selection or library upgrades.(More)
OBJECTIVE Chronological age is a powerful epidemiologic risk factor for osteoarthritis (OA), a multifactorial disease that is characterized by articular cartilage (AC) degradation. It is unclear from a molecular perspective how aging interacts with OA to produce this risk to AC integrity. To address this key question, we used in vivo time-course analysis of(More)
Modern software development methodologies include reuse of open source code. Reuse can be facilitated by architectural knowledge of the software, not necessarily provided in the documentation of open source software. The effort required to comprehend the system’s source code and discover its architecture can be considered a major drawback in reuse. In a(More)
Software reuse has the potential to shorten delivery times, improve quality and reduce development costs. However software reuse has been proven challenging for most organizations. The challenges involve both organizational and technical issues. In this work we concentrate on the technical issues and we propose a new metric facilitating the reuse of(More)
Abstract This paper provides an analysis of regime switching in volatility and out-of-sample forecasting of the Cyprus Stock Exchange using daily data for the period 1996-2002. We first model volatility regime switching within a univariate Markov-Switching framework. Modelling stock returns within this context can be motivated by the fact that the change in(More)
In this paper, we propose an accelerated spectral clustering method, using a landmark selection strategy. According to the weighted PageRank algorithm, the most important nodes of the data affinity graph are selected as landmarks. The selected landmarks are provided to a landmark spectral clustering technique to achieve scalable and accurate clustering. In(More)