Eleni Bozia

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Studying ancient inscriptions is based up to date mostly on observation and manual analysis by means of which epigraphists attempt to establish a geographical and chronological classification as well as to analyze the lettering techniques. In this paper we propose a novel framework for efficient 3D reconstruction of inscriptions and for statistical analysis(More)
Preservation and dissemination of archaeological material has always been an issue of concern for the academic research community. On the one hand, the fragility of the material limits their study. On the other hand, such material is housed in museums, libraries, and institutions worldwide, something that significantly thwarts their accessibility.(More)
In this paper a novel framework is presented for interactive feature-based retrieval and visualization of human statues, using depth sensors for mobile devices. A skeletal model is fitted to the depth image of a statue or human body in general and is used as a feature vector that captures the pose variations in a given collection of skeleton data. A(More)
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