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In several dicotyledonous species, NAC transcription factors act as master switches capable of turning on programmes of secondary cell-wall synthesis and cell death. This work used an oestradiol-inducible system to overexpress the NAC transcription factor BdSWN5 in the monocot model Brachypodium distachyon. This resulted in ectopic secondary cell-wall(More)
Worldwide, 400 million people suffer from hay fever and seasonal asthma. The major causative agents of these allergies are pollen specific proteins called the group-1 grass pollen allergens. Although details of their antigenicity have been studied for 40 years with an eye towards immunotherapy, their function in the plant has drawn scant attention. Zea m 1(More)
Specialized plant cells arise from undifferentiated cells through a series of developmental steps. The decision to enter into a certain differentiation pathway depends in many cases on signals from neighbouring cells. The ability of cells to engage in short-range intercellular communication permits the coordination of cell actions necessary in many(More)
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