Elena Werfel

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5-Pyrrolidinyl substituted perhydroquinoxalines were designed as conformationally restricted κ-opioid receptor agonists restricted to the periphery. The additional N atom of the quinoxaline system located outside the ethylenediamine κ pharmacophore allows the fine-tuning of the pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic properties. The perhydroquinoxalines were(More)
Desymmetrization of the pseudochiral (2r)-configured cyclohexane-1,2,3-triamines 8 with dimethyl oxalate led to racemic aminoquinoxaline-2,3-diones 9. Selective introduction of the κ pharmacophoric structural elements pyrrolidine and 3,4-dichlorophenylacetamide with a two-carbon distance afforded conformationally restricted κ agonists 13-15 based on the(More)
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