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Biologic activities of recombinant human-beta-defensin-4 toward cultured human cancer cells.
AIM The aim of the study was in vitro analysis of biological activity of recombinant human beta-defensin-4 (rec-hBD-4). METHODS hBD-4 cDNA was cloned into pGEX-2T vector, and recombinant plasmidExpand
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Microbiological analysis of the contamination of marginal seas in the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean
A comparative study of the abundance of microorganisms of different environmental and trophic groups in the seawater of several aquatic areas of Far Eastern seas under the conditions of integratedExpand
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Sea Urchin Embryogenesis as Bioindicators of Marine Pollution in Impact Areas of the Sea of Japan/East Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk
The embryogenesis of the sea urchin sand dollar Scaphechinus mirabilis was used as bioindicators of seawater quality from the impact areas of the Sea of Japan/East Sea (Peter the Great Bay) and theExpand
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Biotesting of water quality in Peter the Great Bay with the use of the microalga Dunaliella salina and embryos and larvae of the sea urchin Scaphechinus mirabilis
Comparative biotesting was performed using embryos and larvae of the sea urchin Scaphechinus mirabilis and the microalga Dunaliella salina. These two species were taken as test organisms forExpand
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Recreational Effects in Vostok Bay, Sea of Japan
The paper presents the results of three hydrochemical surveys performed in October 2000 and May and July 2001 and microbiological monitoring performed in June, July, and August 2001 in Vostok BayExpand
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Growth and physiological state of the microalgae Phaeodactylum tricornutum Bohlin (Bacillariophyta) in the water taken from peter the Great Bay
Bioassay of water from different parts of the Peter the Great Bay using microalgae P. tricornutum revealed that water quality influences not only the growth but also the physiological state of theExpand
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Effects of Desalination and the Detergent Sodium Dodecylsulphate on the Early Development of the Sand Dollar Scaphechinus mirabilis
We studied the effects of reduced water salinity on early ontogenesis in the sea urchin Scapechinus mirabilis. It is shown that the lower limit of salinity tolerance for the embryos and larvae is theExpand
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Hydrocarbons and polychlorinated biphenyls in the bottom sediments from the Nakhodka Bay (Peter the Great Bay, Sea of Japan): Assessment of pollution level and potential toxicity
The content of hydrocarbons, including polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in the bottom sediments of Nakhodka Bay has been studied. It is shown that the content ofExpand
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An assessment of the ecological state of the northeastern Sakhalin Island shelf: Hydrochemical analysis and bioassay
The results of ecological monitoring in coastal waters along northeastern Sakhalin Island are presented. The patterns of the spatial distribution of water salinity, dissolved-oxygen content, as wellExpand
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Heavy metals in mass species of bivalves in Ha Long Bay (South China Sea, Vietnam)
To characterize the terrigenous, anthropogenic, and technogenous impacts upon the ecosystems of coral reefs in the shallow-water Ha Long Bay, which was declared by UNESCO to be a world naturalExpand
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