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The Functioning Mechanism of Attributive Metonymy in English Fictional Discourse
This paper deals with discursive attributive metonymy. This linguistic phenomenon is clearly opposed to lexical metonymy as it occurs only in discourse and as such has some distinguishing features:
Euphemisms in Japanese: a Study of Some Thematic Fields
The subject of this article is the results of a pilot research of Japanese euphemisms conducted at Hokkaido University, Japan. Japanese euphemisms remain a low-studied layer of lexis. The aim of the
The Stylistic Potential of the Transferred Epithet
This article deals with the transferred epithet which is defined as a figure of speech where the at¬tribute is transferred from the noun it logically belongs to, to another one which it fits
Lexical “portraying” of cognitive concepts
The article is devoted to the cognitive emotiological concept of pride. The relevance of the study lies in the fact that the compilation of conceptual lexical “portraits” and their subsequent