Elena V Vlasova

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Tetrasaccharide Fuc alpha 1-2Gal beta 1-4(Fuc alpha 1-3)GlcNAc is known as carbohydrate determinant of cancer- and AIDS-associated antigen Lewisy (Ley). Synthetic antigen to generate mouse monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) directed to Ley was prepared and constructed as a spacer-armed tetrasaccharide coupled with lipophilized polymer, Ley-PAA-PE, where PAA is a(More)
The ISOBM TD-6 Workshop is the first international workshop on monoclonal antibodies against the Sialyl Lewisa (SLea) antigen. Eight research groups participated in a blind study to characterize the epitope binding, relative affinity and performance in immunoradiometric assays, of a panel of 20 monoclonal antibodies. The antibodies were tested against a(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore new tumor features for refined category formation that permits the tailoring of individualized treatment schemes in lung cancer. STUDY DESIGN Survival data on patients from six independent studies on cases with surgically treated lung cancer, primary lung carcinoids or metastasizing breast carcinoma (including data on primary breast(More)
The paper presents the results of a study on the immunogenic properties of toxoid preparations from Cl. perfringens type A obtained using the routine method of detoxifying alpha = toxin in the culture medium (commercial preparations) and by means of detoxifying a previously purified alpha = toxin (experimental preparations). When tested in immunized guinea(More)
Data are presented on the study of possibilities of the application of the passive hemagglutination test for titration of the blood sera of mice, guinea pigs and rabbits immunized with Cl. perfringens toxoid. A diagnostic agent obtained by the sensitization of formalin- and tannin-treated sheep erythrocytes with the serologically pure toxoid, and homologous(More)
The fluorescence with maximum at 683 nm from isolated yeast plasma membranes has been detected. The fluorescence was due to a membrane-bound compound absorbing in the visible range of the spectrum. The fluorescence excitation spectrum of this compound has a structure typical for porphyrins. At the same time, in several fluorescence properties the porphyrin(More)
The methods for determining the level of type A Perfringens antitoxin in human blood sera were examined and compared. The ratios for correlating the data obtained in the toxin neutralization test (NT) in vivo, in the passive hemagglutination test (PHT), and as a result of the enzyme-labeled immunosorbent assay (ELISA) with regard to the antitoxin level(More)