Elena V Tkachenko

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BACKGROUND Nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drugs represent an important osteoarthritis (OA) therapy component, but also a leading cause of gastropathy: one of the most frequent and serious OA therapy complications. The aim of the present study was to study the influence of GI health in an OA population receiving either ginger or diclofenac. METHODS(More)
The purpose of the study was to compare the nature of changes in the content of various groups of prostaglandins and cyclic nucleotides in patients with stomach ulcer as well as during the process of development and formation of experimental ulcers.
This paper presents a new method for tympanum prosthesis application. The prosthesis is fixed by the interaction of magnetic pondermotive forces between two soft petals of a magnetoelastomer. This type of prosthesis was applied to 30 patients with dry perforative otitis media, aged 51-75 years. The intervention was performed in the outpatient department.(More)
We studied the effect of NSAIDs on the stomach lining and intestines. Animals received the selective and nonselective NSAIDs. Revision of the abdominal cavity was performed after 24 hours and 14 days. In the mucosa was determined by the levels of prostaglandins and measured the index of damage. Lowering the synthesis of PG in the mucosa of the(More)
AIM to study the concentration of vitamins in obese patients after bariatric surgery (BS). MATERIAL AND METHODS A total of 100 obese patients aged 19 to 61 years (78 women, 22 men). 20 patients (mean body mass index (BMI)--41.3 ± 8.2 kg/m²) had adjustable gastric banding (AGB), 40 patients--sleeve gastrectomy (SG) and 40--gastric bypass (GB) (mean BMI(More)
The level of cholecystokinin and secretin in 50 patients after cholecystectomy (from 1 to 10 years ago) was analyzed to study connection between cholecystectomy and gastrointestinal hormones concentration. 30 patients with gall bladder stone disease were included into the group of comparison. Cholecystokinin and secretin concentration in the groups of(More)
  • E V Tkachenko
  • 2004
The lecture includes materials on gut hormones. Descriptions of the main synthesis places as well as structure and functions of hormones are given. The introduction of radioimmunoassay and immunoenzyme techniques to clinical practice made it possible to reach a success in the field of studying gastrointestinal hormones. Basic gut hormones and their role in(More)
AIM To investigate the impact of bariatric surgery (BS) on the level of vitamins in obese patients. SUBJECTS AND METHODS One hundred obese patients (78 women and 22 men) aged 19 to 61 years were examined. Controlled gastric banding (CGB) was carried out in 20 patients (mean body mass index (BMI), 41.3 ± 8.2 kg/m2); gastric sleeve resection (GSR) in 40(More)