Elena V Sheveleva

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Evidence is presented for the recent, horizontal transfer of a self-splicing, homing group II intron from a cyanobacteria to the chloroplast genome of Euglena myxocylindracea. The psbA gene of E.myxocylindracea was found to contain a single 2566 nt group II intron with a gene in domain 4 for a 575 amino acid maturase. The predicted secondary structure and(More)
When the sequence of the Euglena gracilis chloroplast genome was reported in 1993 the alpha-subunit gene (rpoA) of RNA polymerase appeared to be missing, based on a comparison of all putative reading frames to the then known rpoA loci. Since there has been a large increase in known rpoA sequences, the question of a Euglena chloroplast rpoA gene was(More)
Transgenic tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L, cv. SR-1) expressing mannitol 1-phosphate dehydrogenase, MTLD, in chloroplasts and myo-inositol O-methyltransferase, IMT1, in the cytosol after crossing of lines which expressed these foreign genes separately has been analysed. Plants expressing both enzymes accumulated mannitol and D-ononitol in amounts comparable(More)
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