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Abdominoperineal resection (APR) remains the standard procedure for rectal cancer located within 0.5 cm from dentate line (DL). In this study, we present a new type of restorative surgery: intersphincteric resection with partial removal of external anal sphincter (EAS) and anorectal reconstruction for-ultra low rectal cancer. Between March 2003 and May 2008(More)
The analysis of fragmentation of DNA of spermatozoons using technique of flow cytometry to evaluate male fertility more and more often begins to be applied in clinical diagnostic. However, development of optimal protocol of storage and preparation of spermatozoons for analysis still is at the stage of experimental elaboration. The studv was carried out to(More)
Sixty operative specimens of the colon or its fragments removed for diffuse juvenile polyposis (the diagnosis was clinical) were evaluated morphologically. A structural study of the polyps ranging in size from the smallest to large lobular formations elicited a significant role of inflammation in polyp morphogenesis. Large polyps often show fragments of(More)
The name of Vassily Vassilievich Nalimov is connected not only with the development of scientometrics, but also with the development of several other scientific branches such as metrology of quantitative chemical analysis, chemical cybernetics, mathematical theory of experiment, philosophy of science, probabilistic theory of meanings among others. All these(More)
The essence and the necessity of an integral approach to prevention of major chronic noncommunicable diseases (CNCD) is described proceeding from the example of the integral CNCD prevention programme in one of Moscow districts. The aims and basic directions of preventive activities are demonstrated along with possible ways of integrating medical services(More)
A rather rare case of tubular-villous adenoma located on the small intestine mucosa in the ileostomy area and its transformation into adenocarcinoma is described. The patient had undergone previously a two-stage colectomy for a giant creeping large intestinal tumor with malignancy in the left and right colic flexure and in the rectum 7 cm apart from the(More)
The aim of this work was to study effects of metoprolol on structural and functional characteristics of left ventricle (LV), cerebral circulation (CC), microcirculation (MC), lipid spectrum, rheologic and viscous properties of blood in patients with grade II-III hypertensive disease (HD) and metabolic syndrome. 65 patients in this condition (ESH/ESC, 2007)(More)