Elena V Kuznetsova

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The review sums up the long experience of the authors and other researchers in studying the genetic system of garden pea (Pisum sativum L.), which controls the development of nitrogen-fixing symbiosis and arbuscular mycorrhiza. A justified phenotypic classification of pea mutants is presented. Progress in identifying and cloning symbiotic genes is(More)
The article discusses the results of study that demonstrated the possibility of successful application of radial hemolysis reaction in analyzing the human inoculation immunity to new strains of influenza virus serotype A - A (H5N1) and A (H5N2). The radial hemolysis reaction provides accurate results on introduction of erythrocytes of horse or sheep into(More)
Reactions of glutathione (GSH) with O,O-diorganyl dithiophosphoric acids (DTPA) were studied to develop bioactive derivatives of GSH. Effective coupling reaction of GSH with DTPA was proposed to produce the ammonium dithiophosphates (GSH-DTPA) between the NH2 group in γ-glutamyl residue of GSH and the SH group in DTPA. A series of the GSH-DTPA salts based(More)
Recently preparations of the 1,4-benzodiazepine series have become used for the treatment of neuroses, some forms of depression, alcoholism, and convulsive states, and in surgery, obstetrics, and gynecology [i]. Among these preparations the following 3-hydroxy-l,4-benzodiazepin-2-ones have particularly interesting pharmacological properties and low(More)
Analogues of araNTPs carrying an azido or aminogroup instead of the 2' hydroxyl exhibited substrate properties towards several mammalian and viral DNA polymerases. At the same time, introduction of a bulky hydrophobic DNP group into the 2' position inactivated the compounds as substrates. HSV-1 and CMV DNA polymerases were an interesting exception: they(More)
Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) mediate the degradation of all types of collagens and other extracellular matrix components (elastin, proteoglycans, and laminin), their synthesis and accumulation play a key role in the hydrolysis of basement membrane. MMPs are involved in a wide range of proteolytic processes in the presence of different physiological and(More)
The reproduction patterns of various influenza B virus strains isolated in 1970-1976 using roller cultures of MDCK cells and chick embryos (CE) were compared. The cultural and allantoic virus populations did not differ in their sensitivity to non-specific inhibitors from mammalian sera and in their reactivity with specific haemagglutinins (HA). The content(More)
As is known, carbon-containing materials are effective adsorbents of biologically active compounds and drugs, ineluding enzymes and their inhibitors, amino acids, proteins, antibiotics, and antiseptics [1-4] . All these compounds, when immobilized by adsorption on a carbonaceous surface, retain comparatively high biological activity during a prolonged time.(More)