Elena V. Grigor'eva

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The derivation of stable multipotent trophoblast stem (TS) cell lines from preimplantation, and early postimplantation mouse embryos has been reported previously. FGF4, and its receptor FGFR2, have been identified as embryonic signaling factors responsible for the maintenance of the undifferentiated state of multipotent TS cells. Here we report the(More)
Induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells can be derived from a wide range of somatic cells via overexpression of a set of specific genes. With respect to their properties, iPS cells closely resemble embryonic stem cells. Because of their main property, pluripotency, iPS cells have excellent prospects for use in substitutive cell therapy; however, the methods of(More)
Three and four independent cell lines with limited pluripotency were obtained from the inner cell mass cells of blastocysts and primordial germ cells of common voles, respectively. The results of cytogenetic analysis suggest that all these lines originated from the embryos of F1 Microtus rossiaemeridionalis × M. arvalis males and had a great number of(More)
In rodent female mammals, there are two forms of X-inactivation - imprinted and random which take place in extraembryonic and embryonic tissues, respectively. The inactive X-chromosome during random X-inactivation was shown to contain two types of facultative heterochromatin that alternate and do not overlap. However, chromatin structure of the inactive(More)
A homogeneous low-molecular-weight fraction (MW, 350-500 Da) separated from a ready-to-use commercial form of the new neurotropic drug cerebral (for amino acid composition see Arkh. Psikh. 3(18), 138-143 (1998)) increases the survival of experimental rats upon experimental hemorrhagic stroke (HS). The distribution and accumulation of tritium-labeled(More)
Repeated intraperitoneal injections of nickel and chromium (VI) into rats appeared to demonstrate that the combined subchronic toxicity can be additive or vary (mostly to subadditivity) in accordance with effect on which they are evaluated. With moderate general toxic effects, the studied combination has marked genotoxicity with additive effect. The studies(More)
The advent of new technologies in neurosurgery has made it necessary to create a current algorithm of the radiation diagnosis of congenital spinal cord diseases in children in the pre- and postoperative period. Due to the efficiency and low cost of a study, ultrasound diagnosis becomes an important element of this algorithm.
The fractionated X-ray irradiation resulted in accumulation of malonic dialdehyde (MDA) in chromatin of the cells of rat liver and activation of nuclear endogenous histon-specific proteases. Seven days after the termination of irradiation, the activity of the nuclear proteases returned to the control level and the MDA level remained 10% above the control(More)
The possibility of obtaining antibodies to human hemoglobin and erythrocytes and their use for the detection of hidden blood in different biological fluids was studied. The test system, based on the reaction of coagglutination with the use of protein A of Staphylococcus aureus Cowan 1 and magnetic sorbent, is proposed.