Elena V. Glagoleva

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A comparative morphological and histochemical investigation has been performed on changes in the female rat adrenals, thymus and spleen under a 5 hours' immobilization and after its termination. During the first 24 h after the 5 hours' immobilization in the adrenals and in the lymphoid organs changes specific for an acute stress reaction develop. These(More)
Pravastatin is one of the most popular cholesterol-lowering drugs. Its industrial production represents a two-stage process including the microbial production of compactin and its further biocatalytic conversion to pravastatin. To increase a conversion rate, a higher compactin content in fermentation medium should be used; however, high compactin(More)
Virginiamycin produced by Streptomyces virginiae as a natural mix of macrocyclic peptidolactones M and S is widely used in the industrial production of ethanol fuel and as an antibiotic feed additive for cattle and poultry. Its main antimicrobial components, M1 and S1 factors, act synergistically if the M1:S1 ratio in the final product is 70-75:25-30. This(More)
An electron-microscopic investigation was made of allografts and xenografts of the aortic valves after various methods of chemical sterilization and γ-ray irradiation. Changes in the ultrastructural components were demonstrated in the cells of the valve grafts after chemical methods of sterilization, but the cells were intact after γ-ray irradiation. The(More)
By means of physiological, electron microscopical and histochemical methods, changes in intensity of mechanisms participating in calcium transport and the cations localization in cardiomyocytes have been studied, the changes resulted from an emotional-painful stress. After the stress, the contractile function of the rat isolated heart becomes more dependent(More)
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