Elena V Budko

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Axonal pathfinding is a complex process that is mediated through cell-matrix and cell-cell interactions. A large number of studies have demonstrated that ECM and ECM-derived proteins and peptides are potent promoters of neurite outgrowth, however much less attention is given to the fact that these same ligands also elicit responses in a wide variety of(More)
Sequence-specific 3-deazaadenosine (c(3)A)-substituted analogues of trimeric 2',5'-oligoadenylate, p5'A2'p5'A2'p5'A, were synthesized and evaluated for their ability to activate human RNase L (EC aiming at the elucidation of the nitrogen-3 role in this biochemical process. Substitution of either 5'-terminal or 2'-terminal adenosine with c(3)A(More)
Extracts from Erodium cicutarium L. Herit were tested for antiviral and interferon inducing properties. Both water extract and methanol extract as well as its fractions were observed to exert antiviral effect in relation to myxoviruses, Herpes virus type 1, Vesicular stomatitis and vaccinia virus. None of these extracts did induce interferon in a suspension(More)
Methanol extract from Erodium cicutarium was shown not to induce interferon in a suspension of human leukocytes or in the cutaneo-muscular tissue of human embryo. It appeared to have no influence, either direct or cell-mediated, on interferon activity. However, it exerted stimulatory effect on the synthesis of interferon induced with Newcastle disease virus(More)
New analytical procedures using HPLC in the gradient mode have been developed for the quantitative analysis of multicomponent antipyretic, analgesic, and anticatarrhal drug compositions. Possibilities of the proposed method are demonstrated by the analysis of some existing and new preparations produced by the Leksredstva Co. In order to increase the(More)
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