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This study focuses on the interplay of molecular flexibility and hydrogen bonding manifested in the monoclinic (form I) and orthorhombic (form II) polymorphs of paracetamol. By means of incoherent inelastic neutron scattering and density functional theory calculations, the relaxation processes related to the methyl side-group reorientation were analyzed in(More)
The anisotropy of structural distortion of the monoclinic polymorph of acetaminophen induced by hydrostatic pressure up to 4.0 GPa was studied by single-crystal X-ray diffraction in a Merrill-Bassett diamond anvil cell (DAC). The space group (P2(1)/n) and the general structural pattern remained unchanged with pressure. Despite the overall decrease in the(More)
Ice formation and recrystallization is a key phenomenon in freezing and freeze-drying of pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals. In this investigation, high-resolution synchrotron X-ray diffraction is used to quantify the extent of disorder of ice crystals in binary aqueous solutions of a cryoprotectant (sorbitol) and a protein, bovine serum albumin. Ice(More)
Crystals on the move: If they are subjected to a strong light stimulus, crystals of the cobalt coordination compound [Co(NH3)5(NO2)]Cl(NO3) undergo sudden jumps and leap over distances 10(2)-10(5) times their own size to release the strain that accumulates in their interior. The first quantitative kinematic analysis of this phenomenon is reported. The(More)
Information on the effect of pressure on hydrogen bonds, which could be derived from single-crystal X-ray diffraction at a laboratory source and polarized Raman spectroscopy, has been compared. L-Serine and DL-serine were selected for this case study. The role of hydrogen bonds in pressure-induced phase transitions in the first system and in the structural(More)
This paper discusses the trends in the experimental studies of molecular organic solids at high pressures by diffraction techniques. Crystallization of liquids, crystallization from solutions and solid-state transformations are considered. Special attention is paid to the high-pressure studies of pharmaceuticals and of biomimetics.
Mechanochemistry is becoming increasingly popular amongst both the academic and industrial communities as an alternative method for inducing physical and chemical reactions. Despite its rapidly expanding application, little is understood of its mechanisms, greatly limiting its capacity. In the present work the application of specialty devices allowed(More)
The Faraday Discussion Mechanochemistry: From Functional Solids to Single Molecules which took place 21-23 May 2014 in Montreal, Canada, brought together a diversity of academic and industrial researchers, experimentalists and theoreticians, students, as well as experienced researchers, to discuss the changing face of mechanochemistry, an area with a long(More)
Glycine is used to treat various health problems and is efficient in the treatment of the negative symptoms of schizophrenia. Since glycine exists as a few polymorphs, the aim of this work is to compare the effects of the alpha- and gamma-forms of glycine on the behavior of the genetic catalepsy (GC) strain of rats. Both polymorphs of glycine have been(More)
Mechanochemistry of inorganic solids is a well-established field. In the last decade mechanical treatment has become increasingly popular as a method for achieving selective and "greener" syntheses also in organic systems. New groups and researchers enter the field of mechanochemistry, often re-discovering many of the previously known facts and effects,(More)