Elena Uber

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We describe two cases where increases in dopaminergic therapy were initiated by the patients due to perceived deterioration in symptoms of idiopathic Parkinson's disease. Shortly afterwards, both cases also met clinical criteria for pathological gambling. To date, only 29 cases of pathological gambling in patients with Parkinson's disease have been(More)
Dopaminergic medications could increase the occurrence of a set of dysregulated behaviours in Parkinson's disease (PD), including reward-seeking behaviours (pathological gambling, hypersexuality, compulsive shopping, binge eating, reckless driving), punding and compulsive medication use. We report a preliminary evaluation of a questionnaire to assess the(More)
We report two male patients with Parkinson's disease who developed compulsive risk-seeking driving behaviour as a result of self-administering high doses of L-dopa despite an adequate therapeutic response at lower doses. When L-dopa reduction was feasible, it resulted in cessation of unsafe driving. We believe that this impairment in driving performance,(More)
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