Elena Tanfani

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In this paper we focus our attention on the analysis and management of Clinical Pathways (CPs) in health care systems. From an operational point of view, the CP is "the path" followed by a patient with a given pathology through the health-care system. We start by a global vision and propose a modeling framework based on a discrete event simulation model to(More)
In this paper a 0–1 linear programming model and a solution heuristic algorithm are developed in order to solve the so-called Master Surgical Schedule Problem (MSSP). Given a hospital department made up of different surgical units (i.e. wards) sharing a given number of Operating Rooms (ORs), the problem herein addressed is determining the assignment among(More)
BACKGROUND Prioritization of waiting lists for elective surgery represents a major issue in public systems in view of the fact that patients often suffer from consequences of long waiting times. In addition, administrative and standardized data on waiting lists are generally lacking in Italy, where no detailed national reports are available. This is true(More)
This paper addresses the problem of determining stowage plans for containers in a ship, that is the so-called master bay plan problem (MBPP).tainer ship stowage problem: Complexity and connection to the colouring of circle graphs. Discrete Applied Mathematics 103, 271–279]. We present a heuristic method for solving MBPP based on its relation with the(More)
BACKGROUND The Operating Room (OR) is a key resource of all major hospitals, but it also accounts for up 40% of resource costs. Improving cost effectiveness, while maintaining a quality of care, is a universal objective. These goals imply an optimization of planning and a scheduling of the activities involved. This is highly challenging due to the inherent(More)