Elena Surovyatkina

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Part of Special Issue " Nonlinear analysis of multivariate geoscientific data – advanced methods, theory and application " Abstract. The phenomena of prebifurcation noise amplification and noise-dependent hysteresis are studied as prospective indicators of bifurcations (" noisy precursor ") in nonlin-ear Geophysical systems. The phenomenon of(More)
We study prebifurcation fluctuation amplification in nonlinear oscillators subject to bifurcations of spontaneous symmetry breaking which are manifest in the doubling of stable equilibrium states. Our theoretical estimates of both the linear growth and the nonlinear saturation of the fluctuations are in good agreement with our results from numerical(More)
Multistability mechanism or the appearance of coexisting rhythms at periodical stimulation of single cardiac cells is explored. A computation analysis is carried out using the phase 1 Luo and Rudy action potential model. Using double stage protocol of stimulation we have changed continuously the moment of application of the premature or delayed stimulus or(More)
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