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Vaults are large (13 Mda) ribonucleoprotein particles that are especially abundant in multidrug resistant cancer cells and have been implicated in nucleocytoplasmic drug transport. To understand how these large barrel-shaped complexes are transported through the cytosol, we examined the association of vaults with microtubules both in vitro and in vivo.(More)
Differences in the functional structure of streptomycete complexes isolated from ecotopes with varying degrees of contamination by heavy metals (HMs) have been revealed using data on the growth kinetics of representatives of the genus Streptomyces in the presence of lead, zinc, and copper ions. Streptomycete complexes isolated from moderately polluted soils(More)
There are many situations in which linear filters perform poorly, as in the presence of signal-dependent or multiplicative noises or processing of signals having non-Gaussian statistics. In these cases it is evident to apply nonlinear filters. The author focuses on the mathematical models of nonlinear filters and their application fields. The example of(More)
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