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Much has been learned about the biochemical nature and pharmacologic activity of the products of arachidonic acid (AA) oxidation, but relatively little is known about the structures in nucleated cells into which AA is incorporated and from which it is initially mobilized. To address this question, we administered 3H-AA or other 3H-fatty acids in vitro to(More)
We propose a framework for organizing multiple metadata specifications in a container that can be handled as a whole. This framework, named Information for Learning Object eXchange (ILOX), is developed as part of the IMS Learning Object Discovery & Exchange (LODE) specification that aims to facilitate the discovery and retrieval of learning objects stored(More)
In a large federation of learning object repositories, learning object locations or learning object URLs in metadata can become out of date when learning objects are moved or deleted. Regular checking of learning object URLs is essential. However, fully checking across a large federation imposes an unsustainable burden on time and resources while negatively(More)
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