Elena Serra

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  • E Witrant, A D 'innocenzo, G Sandou, F Santucci, Di Benedetto, A J Isaksson +6 others
  • 2009
SUMMARY This paper describes a new industrial case on automation, for large-scale systems with high environmental impact: the mining ventilation control systems. Ventilation control is essential for the operation of a mine in terms of safety (CO and NO x regulation) and energy optimization. We first discuss a novel regulation architecture, highlighting the(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this experimental study was to investigate if perturbation of somatosensory function would change corticomotor excitability of the tongue musculature in relation to a novel tongue training task. MATERIALS AND METHODS Sixteen healthy volunteers participated in two randomized and double-blind sessions separated by two weeks, in which(More)
The authors describe a case of early onset ataxia with cerebellar atrophy and vitamin E deficiency, treated with alpha-tocopherol supplementation and physically rehabilitated by postural biofeedback. Clinical assessments, serum vitamin E levels and postural evaluation by means of a stabilometric platform continued for about 2 years and significant clinical(More)
The Authors report their experience in a patient with Multiple Sclerosis. The planning and the follow up of rehabilitative treatment were based on clinical, functional, electrophysiological and posturographic evaluation. The impairment degree was evaluated by Kurtzke's Expanded Disability Status Scale. The electrophysiological evaluation showed an abnormal(More)
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