Elena Schievano

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Measuring the impact of stroke through population-based stroke registers is complex and costly. The aim of the present study is to assess the validity of hospital discharge diagnoses (all ages) and to estimate the total number of hospitalized stroke events in the Veneto region (Northeastern Italy, 4,500,000 inhabitants). METHODS All(More)
BACKGROUND Few population-based studies provide epidemiological data on infective endocarditis (IE). Aim of the study is to analyze incidence and outcomes of IE in the Veneto Region (North-Eastern Italy). METHODS Residents with a first hospitalization for IE in 2000-2008 were extracted from discharge data and linked to mortality records to estimate(More)
Surveillance of surgical site infections (SSIs) with feedback to surgical personnel is pivotal in decisions regarding infection control. Prospective surveillance is time and resource consuming, so we aimed to evaluate a method based on data collected routinely during care delivery. The study was carried out at three acute hospitals in North-eastern Italy,(More)
OBJECTIVE The study aimed to assess prevalence and risk factors for nosocomial infection (NI) in 21 hospitals of the Veneto Region (Italy). METHODS In May 2003, a one-week-period prevalence study of NI was carried out in 21 hospitals, representing 63% of all hospital beds for acute patients of the Veneto Region. Intensive care units represented 84% of all(More)
BACKGROUND The effects of seat belt laws and public education campaigns on seat belt use are assessed on the basis of observational or self-reported data on seat belt use. Previous studies focusing on front seat occupants have shown that self-reports indicate a greater seat belt usage than observational findings. Whether this over-reporting in self reports(More)
BACKGROUND The analysis of multiple causes of death data has been applied in the United States to examine the population burden of chronic liver disease (CLD) and to assess time trends of alcohol-related and hepatitis C virus (HCV)-related CLD mortality. The aim of this study was to assess the mortality for CLD by etiology in the Veneto Region (northeastern(More)
OBJECTIVE •To provide updated figures on urinary diversion, length of stay and mortality after cystectomy in two regions of northern Italy. PATIENTS AND METHODS •Discharge records of patients undergoing cystectomy for bladder cancer in 2000-2008 were extracted from the regional archives of hospital discharges. •Data on partial vs radical cystectomy and(More)
AIMS To investigate the excess mortality registered in the Veneto Region (Northern Italy) in 2015. METHODS A Seasonal Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average Model was applied to predict overall mortality expected in 2014-2015 based on that observed in 2000-2013. The annual percent change in age-standardized rates (APC) was estimated for specific causes(More)
A high hospital utilisation at the end of life (EOL) is an indicator of suboptimal quality of health care. We evaluated the impact of the intensity of different Integrated Cancer Palliative Care (ICPC) plans on EOL acute medical hospitalisation among cancer decedents. Decedents of cancer aged 18-84 years, who were residents in two Italian regions, were(More)