Elena Savelieva

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Direct Neural Network Residual Kriging (DNNRK) is a two step algorithm (Kanevsky et al. 1995). The first step includes estimating large scale structures by using artificial neural networks (ANN) with simple sum of squares error function. ANN, being universal approximators, model overall non-linear spatial pattern fairly well. ANN are model free estimators(More)
Six human glioma cell lines were established from tissues obtained from five patients diagnosed with Kernohan grade IV glioblastoma multiforme and one from a patient with a grade II astrocytoma. One line was from a recurrent patient who had received prior therapy; the other lines were derived from patients at initial diagnosis and/or before cytoreductive(More)
Neural cell adhesion molecule (NCAM) is down-regulated during periods of embryological cell migration and may be important in local tumor migration or metastases. Conflicting information exists in the literature about NCAM expression in human glial tumors and little is known about its expression in human brain metastases. We immunohistochemically stained a(More)
Plasma membranes isolated from tumor cells retain biologically active class I MHC proteins on their surfaces. CD8+ T-cell activation by membrane antigen is much more effective when the small membrane vesicles (<1-microm diameter) are displayed on a surface with dimensions approaching those of a cell (5-microm diameter). Previous work had shown that tumor(More)
897,.9 The work is devoted to an application of artificial neural network (multilayer perceptron) and conditional stochastic simulations to electricity load forecasting in Russia. One of the problems is missing data and some important weather parameters (wind, cloudiness, precipitation, historical information). This gives rise to rather large forecasting(More)
During the last decades, Russia has developed regulations applying to the territories affected by radioactive contamination. Some regulatory approaches appear to be quite ineffective and contradictory. This paper shows by means of examples the problems and issues associated with some existing situations. A better way for the future is indicated.
CDKN2/pl6 inhibits the cyclin D/cyclin-dependent kinase complexes that phosphorylate pRb, thus blocking cell cycle progression. We previ ously reported that pl6 levels are low to undetectable in normal human uroepithelial cells (III (si and in immortalized uroepithelial cells with functional pRb, whereas pl6 levels are markedly elevated in immortal HUCs(More)
The liver is the primary site for colorectal metastases and hepatic resection often fails to cure these patients. Little is known about T-cell immune response in these patients or its changes after interleukin-2 (IL-2) infusion. Using polymerase chain reaction methodology, we investigated T-cell receptor (TCR) V alpha and V beta gene segment subfamily usage(More)
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