Elena Sacchi

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This paper describes the approach that team PumpkinPie adopted in the 2016 Recsys Challenge. The task of the competition organized by XING is to predict which job postings the user has interacted with. The team's approach mainly consists in generating a set of models using different techniques, and then combining them in a multi-stack ensemble. This(More)
A new kind of X-ray dosimeter which can be used both as a survey meter and as a personal badge-type dosimeter has been realized and tested in different irradiation conditions. This dosimeter operates without any applied voltage, it can be read either by a picoammeter or by a digital voltmeter and it can work both in exposure rate and in exposure mode. The(More)
We investigate how star formation is spatially organized in the grand-design spiral NGC 1566 from deep Hubble Space Telescope photometry with the Legacy ExtraGalactic UV Survey. Our contour-based clustering analysis reveals 890 distinct stellar conglomerations at various levels of significance. These star-forming complexes are organized in a hierarchical(More)
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