Elena S Galanta

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AIM To investigate surgically resected human brain tumors for the presence of polyomavirus DNA. MATERIALS AND METHODS 65 samples of surgically resected human brain tumors (57 tumors were of neuroectodermal genesis, 4--mesenchimal, 4--metastatic tumors) were examined for the presence of viral DNA by PCR analysis. RESULTS DNA of polyomaviruses was found(More)
A homogeneous low-molecular-weight fraction (MW, 350-500 Da) separated from a ready-to-use commercial form of the new neurotropic drug cerebral (for amino acid composition see Arkh. Psikh. 3(18), 138-143 (1998)) increases the survival of experimental rats upon experimental hemorrhagic stroke (HS). The distribution and accumulation of tritium-labeled(More)
Active anti-stroke fraction of Cerebral preparation (extract of water-soluble molecules from brain tissue of animals with hemorrhagic stroke) decreased caspase-3 expression and improved survival of experimental animals in the acute period after hemorrhagic stroke.
The influence of magnitolaser radiation on the striated acetylcholinergic neurons was tested on the tissue culture derived from a newborn rat's brain. After 5 days of cultivation of brain cells, the authors carried out 10 everyday sessions using a magnitolaser "KMILTA" with infrared radiation. It was established on the bases of obtained results that AchE(More)
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