Elena Sánchez-Nielsen

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Vision-based applications designed for human-machine inter action r equir e fast and accur ate hand detection. However , pr evious wor k s on this field assume differ ent constr aints, lik e a limitation in the number of detected gestur es, because hands ar e highly complex objects to locate. This paper pr esents an appr oach which changes the detection tar(More)
Even after more than two decades of input devices development, many people still find the interaction with computers an uncomfortable experience. Efforts should be made to adapt computers to our natural means of communication: speech and body language. The PUI paradigm has emerged as a post-WIMP interface paradigm in order to cover these preferences. The(More)
A solution based on a swarm intelligence metaphor with a prey-predator scheme is proposed for real time object tracking in video sequences, which is a basic process in multiple computer vision tasks. Swarm predator particles fly on a Boid-like fashion over image prey pixels, using combined image features to guide individual movement rules. Object tracking(More)
While most existing eParticipation projects have embraced the need for citizen engagement to achieve effective democracy, as of yet only limited success has been achieved. This lack of success stems from many challenges and barriers: in some cases, it is a lack of interest in policy issues and low levels of trust in politicians; in others, it is a lack of(More)
Mobile services (m-services) play an important role in daily life and work of modern societies. Current service oriented architectures (SOA) are widely used to offer Web Services on wired networks. However, no significant research has been done in m-services field to provide availability service and dynamical discovery to mobile users. Nowadays, mobile(More)
Making mobile phones capable of consuming Web services over wireless networks is a challenging task because of the different issues to be addressed and the limited resources of mobile devices. In this paper, we focus on the issue of how to perform dynamic discovery and invocation of Web services from mobile phones when a J2ME wireless middleware is used. In(More)