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PURPOSE Patients with congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) often have dilated esophagus and gastroesophageal reflux. Sparse intrinsic esophageal innervation has been described in rats with CDH, but this issue has not been investigated in patients with CDH. The present study tests the hypothesis that innervatory anomalies could account for motor dysfunction(More)
early diagnosis (often based on the detection of angiokeratomas) is important, as timely treatment can prevent the development of serious, irreversible complications. Dermatologists can play a key role in this respect. Enzyme replacement therapy (with agalsidase alpha) is the only specific treatment available for Fabry disease, and has been shown to(More)
INTRODUCTION Solitary fibrous tumor is associated with serosal surfaces. Location in the salivary glands is extremely unusual. Extrathoracic tumors have an excellent prognosis associated with their benign clinical behavior. We report an aggressive and recurrent case of this tumor. We review the clinical presentation, inmunohistochemical profiles and(More)
INTRODUCTION In this report, we describe the clinical course, diagnostic features and management of a patient with fibrous dysplasia of the temporal bone 7 years after middle ear surgery on the same side. CASE PRESENTATION A 16-year-old Caucasian girl presented to our hospital with a growing bone lesion in the roof of the left temporal bone. She had(More)
Chagas disease is a parasitosis endemic to South America. It is normally treated with benznidazole as first choice, which has been associated with numerous cutaneous reactions. However, very few benznidazole-associated severe cutaneous adverse reactions have been reported to date. The rise of Chagas disease in nonendemic countries represents a growing(More)
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