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CONTEXT Therapeutic Touch (TT) is a widely used nursing practice rooted in mysticism but alleged to have a scientific basis. Practitioners of TT claim to treat many medical conditions by using their hands to manipulate a "human energy field" perceptible above the patient's skin. OBJECTIVE To investigate whether TT practitioners can actually perceive a(More)
This paper proposes that the meaning a speaker intends in using an idiom on a certain occasion is pragmatically (re)constructed on-line by relevance-driven inferential mechanisms which take as input a set of highly accessible encyclopaedic assumptions from the concepts encoded by the idiom string and its constituent words. The depth to which the encoded(More)
We propose a mechanism-based modelling approach which brings together the most relevant features of neural dynamics and synaptic transmission for clinically valuable simulations of psychiatric disorders and their pharmaceutical treatment. It is based on a minimal, but physiologically justified concept, which allows to account for a great diversity of(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to compare the use of amoxicillin (1g) vs amoxicillin and clavulanate (875/125mg) after extraction of retained third molars for prevention of infectious complications. STUDY DESIGN The study involved 546 patients attending for removal a retained third molar and divided in to two groups: Group 1 - amoxicillin and(More)
Organisms with complex life-cycles acquire essential nutrients as juveniles, and hence even a short-term food stress during development can impose serious fitness costs apparent in adults. We used the Glanville fritillary butterfly to investigate the effects of larval food stress on adult performance under semi-natural conditions in a population enclosure.(More)