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The skin permeation of buprenorphine base and HCl salt through cadaver skin was investigated. The octanol-water partition coefficient and solubilities of both buprenorphine free base and HCl salt were determined at 32 degrees C. As expected, buprenorphine free base was more lipophilic than its HCl salt and was practically insoluble in aqueous buffer at pH(More)
A new coagulations forceps has been developed for the laparoscopic ligation of the uterine tubes. A bicoagulation device is used instead of the normal single device. The 2 branches of the forceps, which are the electrodes, allow the current to run a distance of only 5 mm, instead of throughout the entire body, as with the single forceps method. This is(More)
Inertial sensor systems are becoming increasingly popular for gait analysis because their use is simple and time efficient. This study aimed to compare joint kinematics measured by the inertial sensor system RehaGait® with those of an optoelectronic system (Vicon®) for treadmill walking and running. Additionally, the test re-test repeatability of kinematic(More)
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