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Six basic mechanisms facilitating development of chronic placental deficiency, hypotrophy and fetal death are distinguished: 1) insufficiency of invasion of the extra-villous cytotrophoblast into the placental bed resulting in incomplete gestational restructuring of spiral arteries and reduction of uteroplacental circulation; 2) rheological disturbances in(More)
Keywords: Safety integrity level Reliability analysis Redundancy Braking system Moving walks a b s t r a c t The reliability of the braking system of moving walks plays a major role in the safe exploitation of these people movers. According to the requirements of the new standard ISO 22201-2, the reliability of a braking system of a moving walk has to(More)
The review deals with the literature and authors' data on the structure and function of main components of the uterus placenta bed under normal course of pregnancy. The attention is focused on the most important process, namely, the invasion of non-villous or interstitial cytotrophoblast into the walls of spiral arteries of the endo- and myometrium, their(More)
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