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Multipactor in rectangular waveguides
Multipactor inside a rectangular waveguide is studied using both an analytical approach and numerical simulations. Particular attention is given to an analysis of the role of such effects as theExpand
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Social Contracts in Contemporary Belarus
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Conformal mapping analysis of multipactor breakdown in waveguide irises
Multipactor breakdown in a single waveguide iris is analyzed using the quasistatic approximation for the spatial distribution of the rf field in the iris. Based on the conformal mapping approach, anExpand
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Effect of emission velocity spread of secondary electrons in two-sided multipactor
Detailed numerical simulations of the two-sided multipactor have been carried out within a plane-parallel model. The main aim of the simulations is to clarify the uncertainty that still exists in theExpand
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Simulations of multipactor thresholds in shielded microstrip lines
A particular software 'MuSLi' has been developed and applied for simulations of the multipactor effect in shielded microstrip lines with cross-sections that are partially filled with dielectricExpand
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Polyphase (non-resonant) multipactor in rectangular waveguides
The polyphase multipactor, i.e. the non-resonant form of secondary electron emission rf discharges in vacuum, has been analysed and studied experimentally. The multipactor discharge was observed inExpand
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Multiphase regimes of single-surface multipactor
Single-surface multipactor is studied within a plane-parallel model for the case when the rf electric field is normal to the surface of emission and the electron return to this surface is caused byExpand
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Simple model of the rf noise generated by multipacting electrons
A simplified analytical model is developed to predict the spectrum of electric current induced by the multipacting electrons between two parallel electrodes exposed to an rf voltage of fixedExpand
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Multi-Phase Regimes of Multipactor Breakdown
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