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Differentiated cultures of Caco-2 human colonic cells were used to examine the importance of reduction of nonheme ferric iron, Fe(III), for transport across the brush border surface. Cultures accumulated approximately 100 pmol Fe/(h.mg protein) when 10 mumol Fe(III) as the nitrilotriacetic acid complex (1Fe:2NTA) was added to the apical compartment.(More)
The quantitative measurement of dietary fiber does not recognize its diverse actions on nutrient absorption, sterol metabolism, fermentation in the colon, and stool weight. These differences in action are more likely due to differences in physical characteristics along the gastrointestinal tract. This paper explores such physical characteristics and(More)
The iron status of men, women and children consuming beef extended with soy protein was evaluated by measuring serum ferritin and clinical parameters of iron status during a six-month study. Fifty-two families (245 participants) were randomly assigned to consume, for 180 days, 1 of 7 beef products: all beef, beef extended with either soy isolate, soy(More)
The literature indicates that phytate:zinc and phytate X calcium:zinc millimolar ratios of a diet may provide useful indexes of the bioavailability of dietary zinc. However, there is little information on the phytate:zinc and phytate X calcium:zinc millimolar ratios for total human diets. We have therefore determined the phytate:zinc and phytate X(More)
Two hundred sixty-six free-living human volunteers, 21-64 y old, were trained by dietitians to record daily their food intake for at least 7 d. Subsequently, they were fed diets of conventional foods adjusted in amounts to maintain their body weight for greater than or equal to 45 d. Comparing their estimated energy intake with the intake determined to(More)
The effectiveness of guar gum in reducing post-prandial blood glucose and plasma insulin levels in human subjects seems to depend mainly on its ability to increase the viscosity of digesta in the small intestine. However, the precise relationship between the rheological properties of guar gum (either in vitro or in vivo) and the changes in blood metabolites(More)
To examine the influence of inositol phosphates on the uptake and absorption of Fe and Zn, Caco-2 cells were grown on either plastic (uptake studies) or porous membranes in bicameral chambers (transport/absorption studies). Caco-2, a human colon adenocarcinoma cell line, was selected as the test cell because it spontaneously differentiates into polarized(More)
Relative bioavailability of two iron fortificants, electrolytic Fe and ferric orthophosphate, was related to that of the reference ferrous sulfate with in vitro and rat model depletion-repletion methods in four laboratories to compare values directly with those obtained in a parallel human study. In vitro testing was performed on Fe compounds with both(More)