Elena Potapenko

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The participation of different calcium-regulated mechanisms in the generation of cytosolic Ca(2+) transients during neuronal excitation has been compared in isolated large and small primary (dorsal root ganglia (DRG)) and secondary (spinal dorsal horn (DH)) rat sensory neurones. As it was shown before in murine primary sensory neurones the application of(More)
Changes in intracellular Ca2+ induced by extracellular acidification to pH = 6 were studied in isolated rat spinal dorsal horn neurons using indo-1 fluorescent technique. In all neurons such treatment induced a decrease of basal [Ca2+]i level by 20.8%, preceded in some of them by temporary increase. The changes were completely reversible. The(More)
Elevations of the cytosolic free Ca2+ concentration ([Ca2+] i ) in rat dorsal horn neurons induced by addition of ATP to the medium were compared in spinal cord slices and after isolation of the neurons. In slices, application of ATP results in an increase in the [Ca2+] i by 201 ± 12 nM, on the average; in a Ca2+ -free external solution the respective rise(More)
The TNF-alpha significance in forecasting a degree of recovering of the spinal marrow functions was studied in complicated courses of tuberculous spondylitis in 37 patients with generalized and multiple tuberculosis. The TNF-alpha level in the cerebrospinal fluid was found to be related with a severity of inflammation and of neurological disorders, as well(More)
The paper presents data on surgery for tuberculosis of the lymphatics and abdominal organs. Removal of tuberculosis-affected peripheral lymph nodes during etiotropic therapy yields positive therapeutical results in 84.6% of patients. The efficiency of early operations has been first evidenced by a dynamic study of the systemic immunity. Complicated(More)
The paper summarizes the results of studies of the activity of adenosine deaminase (ADA) in biological fluids (including that during tuberculin tests) as a tool for the differential diagnosis of different forms of extrapulmonary tuberculosis, such as pleuritis, synovitis, meningitis, tuberculosis of female genitals and peripheral lymph nodes, and uveitis.(More)
The role of different Ca2+-regulated mechanisms in the generation of cytosolic Ca2+ transients during neuronal excitation was compared in isolated primary and secondary nociceptive neurons of the rat. Application of carbonyl cyanide m-chlorophenylhydrazone (CCCP) significantly increased the peak amplitude of depolarization-induced transients in dorsal root(More)
In 20% of cases, tuberculous spondylitis running with a prevalence of the exudative-necrotic type of a local tissue reaction has an acute onset with febrile fever, severe pains, and progressive neurological disorders and clinically resembles acute hematogenous osteomyelitis of the spine. With a predominance of the productive type of a tissue reaction,(More)
An uniform multi-levelled approach to immunodiagnosis of tuberculosis of different sites is proposed with regard to latest information on the local immune response based on the detection of tuberculosis antibodies in blood and biological fluids from anatomic lesion areas. If necessary, immunological diagnosis is specified by using a set of serological tests(More)