Elena Potapenko

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The participation of different calcium-regulated mechanisms in the generation of cytosolic Ca(2+) transients during neuronal excitation has been compared in isolated large and small primary (dorsal root ganglia (DRG)) and secondary (spinal dorsal horn (DH)) rat sensory neurones. As it was shown before in murine primary sensory neurones the application of(More)
Elevations of cytosolic free Ca2+ concentration ([Ca2+]i) induced by addition of ATP have been compared in rat dorsal horn neurones in slices and after their isolation. ATP application induced in neurones in situ a rise of [Ca2+]i by 201 +/- 12 nM. In Ca2+-free external solution the rise was 156 +/- 14 nM (n = 45 of 76), indicating the presence of active(More)
Changes in intracellular Ca2+ induced by extracellular acidification to pH = 6 were studied in isolated rat spinal dorsal horn neurons using indo-1 fluorescent technique. In all neurons such treatment induced a decrease of basal [Ca2+]i level by 20.8%, preceded in some of them by temporary increase. The changes were completely reversible. The(More)
In this paper, we present an environment for collaborative annotation and knowledge creation which was created in the framework of a project on the Neogrammarians and their influence on Romance Linguistics. In this environment, which is made available via the Web-Portal "From Leipzig into the Romania" the different aspects of digitized texts can be(More)
The authors studied the influence of psychotropic drugs on nervous process integration corresponding to an external stereotype of the conditioned reflexes. The latter ones were worked out in dogs by the method of motor situational conditioned reflexes. The drugs that block M-choline- and adrenoreceptors (amizyl, amedin, pyrroxan) decreased the integration(More)
It is well-known that pH changes can influence a lot of cellular processes. In this work, we have specifically studied the influence of alkalinization, which can be developed in spinal cord neurons during hyperventilation (respiratory alkalosis) and chronic renal failure (metabolic alkalosis) on calcium homeostasis. Application of Tyrode solution with(More)
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