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Psychological measures of mood and perceptual speed were administered to 64 subjects prior to and immediately following involvement in either vigorous exercise or a hobby class which served as a contrast group. In general, results support the claim that physical activity is associated with incremental changes in mood and mental functioning. Although(More)
PP2A-B55 is one of the major phosphatases regulating cell division. Despite its importance for temporal control during mitotic exit, how B55 substrates are recognized and differentially dephosphorylated is unclear. Using phosphoproteomics combined with kinetic modeling to extract B55-dependent rate constants, we have systematically identified B55 substrates(More)
Identification of obese persons likely to benefit from weight reduction programs presents considerable difficulty. Neither biological (e.g., adipose cellularity) nor psychological (e.g., MMPI profiles) measures thus far have been shown to differentiate reliably between those who do and those who do not lose weight in such programs. Fifteen obese persons(More)