Elena Popov

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A droplet-vitrification protocol has been established for cryopreserving Chrysanthemum morifolium cv. Peak using axillary shoot tips and apical shoots of in vitro plants. In the optimized procedure, explants were submitted to a step-wise preculture in liquid sucrose-enriched medium (0.3, 0.5 and 0.7 M for 31,17 and 7 h, respectively). Precultured explants(More)
The computer model of searching adaptive behavior is constructed and investigated. The model describes searching behavior of caddis fly larvae which inhabit creek bottoms and build their cases using hard particles of different size. Using large particles, the larva can build cases more quickly and effectively than with small particles, so it prefers large(More)
In this paper is represented one idea for an extension to the existing software for generalized net (GN) models simulation. Given solution for storing of the characteristics of the tokens during their movements through the GN-models improves the existing GN-interpreter. The software tool is designed to be the independent central component of GN enabled(More)
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